Saturday, October 2, 2010


Our first day in Finland was GREAT! It started off foggy and cool, but ended up with blue skies and sun. It was a gorgeous fall day, and I'm so pumped we aren't missing out on fall just because we aren't in MN. I started the day at 3:20... lovely jet lag decided that waking up bright and early would be fantastic. And I actually made it through the majority of the day unscathed! It was a great day.

We took off for the town of Poorvo.

looking at an old church, I would've LOVED to get married at this church, so picturesque.

the random wooden ship hanging from the ceiling...

Nothing like a fall walk on cobblestone streets in the vibrams :)

After an amazing lunch of meatballs and mashed potatoes we checked out some cute shops and the chocolate shop :)

We then made our way to Helsinki!

The home of the President. Yes... the Conan O'Brien look-a-like.

orange mushrooms... how freaking sweet.

Oh farmers market how I love thee.

The Church of Doom (Judgement) yes... so very welcoming.

From the top of the church steps looking onto Senate Square.

Getting ready for Russia next week :)

Overall, an absolutely wonderful way to start our Euro Vacation! Can't wait to see what Finland brings us the next 2 weeks!


Randi said...

poorvo gives new meaning to the word gorgeous! WOW! have a great time! - randi

Laura said...

I hope you bought that hat! I want one! :) Great photos. And I love your shoes. Can't wait to follow your travels!!!

Anonymous said...

Porvoo is gorgeous! Which countries will you go through? Enjoy beautiful Finland.


Angie said...

Love all your pics! I'm looking forward to more fabulous Russian Hat pics ; )