Monday, October 11, 2010

St. Petersburg: The End

The Winter Palace was pretty sweet, but I think we were all so tired and worn out that we didn't really appreciate it fully.
I have a feeling we are going to run into this quite a bit over the next few weeks.

The throne room

Who can find the secret door in the red room??

THE coolest door handle... insane.

Not the greatest picture, but tapestries astound me. this thing was the size of the wall!!! To get all of the thread in the right place and that everything turns out like this... I'm in awe.

My favorite room of the entire place. this room is my dream. A room completely full of books
with a warm and cozy fireplace...

After 3 hours it was high time for some food, and to move on to the next thing. We only had a few precious hours left and still wanted to fit a bit more in.

Like this...

surprisingly, it wasn't as good as it looks. Miia and I were a little disappointed, but at the end of the day a lovely piece of chocolate cake and whip cream is better than none at all. Despite being just, mediocre.

Our next stop was the Peter, Paul, and Mary church. Really it's the St. Paul and St. Peter Cathedral but I'm pretty sure our name for it, is a lot catchier.

I just wish we would've had a bit more of a clear day, I think the pictures would've been a bit better. But considering the two days before were absolutely gorgeous, albeit a little cold, I was happy with the weather we had.

Basically all of Russia's Tsars are buried here.
Nicholas II  (think Romanov's... Anastasia)

Catherine the Great and Peter the Great

After Peter, Paul, and Mary
it was time to be on our way but not before we saw a helicopter take off :)

Earlier we'd seen a bride and groom taking pictures next to the helicopter. Nothing says romance like a large chunk of flying metal.

And because we just happened across it, and behavioral psychology was one of my favorite classes

Up top is Ivan Pavlov's name

Yes, I'm a geek, and yes... I was really excited to see his name in Russian :) It's the little things that count.

And that my dear readers ends our foray in Mother Russia. It was an EXCELLENT trip and I'm so thankful we got to go!
I hope you enjoyed the little blog tour :)


Chris said...

Some absolutely breathtaking photos there. Jealous!

Angie said...

Thanks for posting all the pics, you've seen so many beautiful places!!! it's been fun to see your little blog tour! hmm...I couldn't find the secret door in the red room : ( you'll have to show me when you are in MN...or we can just play Clue instead!