Saturday, October 23, 2010

Czeching out Prague: The Castle

Today is our last day in Prague, and it was a good one!
We hit up Charles Bridge, St. Nick's Cathedral, and Prague Castle.
This is going to be a pretty wordless post considering I have 20 minutes to post 36 pictures and no way of charging the computer because the charger fried... we're looking into Mac Stores in Vienna... pray we find one :)
So here goes the last day of Prague!

Prague Castle from Afar, with Charles Bridge in the front.

Ok scratch the whole "20 minute thing" Our computer just completely died, thank goodness for Youth Hostels with computers! Alright... on to the rest :)

Inside St. Nick's Cathedral

Found our initials on a door... coincidence?? I think not.

haha my "surprise attack kiss" He didn't even see it coming :)

coolest stair case... ever.
The creepy silver statue thing with the curtains is made from 1 ton of silver. It was insane looking!!! And truthfully it was on the creepy side..

Inside St.George's Basilica
These last ones are from the Rosenburg Palace and Royal Palace.
I WANT and NEED that blue chaise lounge chair... the head even adjusted!
Towards the end of this day you could totally sense that we were lagging in pictures, we barely have any from the actual palaces... woops! We were getting a little tired :)

Finishing our trip with some AMAZING Czech Beer :)
Prague you will be missed... but Vienna we are looking forward to you!

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