Sunday, October 31, 2010

Berchtesgaden and Munich

One of Jon's dreams since he was in junior high was to see Eagle's Nest. Hitler's little fortress in the mountains in the South of Germany.

Ashley and I were also pretty gung ho about this little adventure and we were all pretty stoked when we rolled into Berchtesgaden...

only to find out from the hilarious train ticket man that Eagle's Nest was closed! Due to the snow they received on Monday.
I believe his exact words were "I'm sorry but sometimes you can't climb every mountain or ford every stream" (made even funnier by the fact that, that line is from sound of music, which we had just gone on the tour for)

So we had a quick lunch took some pictures of the cute little town and made our way to Munich!

Munich at night

Sausage and potatoes were getting to be a bit much so we decided to go a different way for dinner...
and we were NOT disappointed!
Some of the best Indian food, EVER.

Here are some pics from our next day in Munich

 The City Hall building

The market area.
Sausage and Beer for all!


And we had to hit up a beer hall! Augustiners was fantastic!

Good friends, Good beer, and Great food!
Perfect evening in Germany!

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