Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finlandia: 4 and 5

The days in Finland are rapidly passing us by! It makes me realize how fast these next weeks in Europe will go! I just have to keep enjoying the time I have.

Yesterday we spent our day pretty much how we did on day 3 but we did get to hit up Oktoberfest at a fun Finnish restaurant.

It wouldn't be Oktoberfest without some beer :) 

My bratwurst platter... so delish.

Jon's Wienerschnitzel... this was so amazing.

A chocolately mousse thing that did not look appetizing, but was so freaking good... I wish I was eating it right now.

Today we hit up Turku, which is supposed to be the capital of culture in Finland. It wasn't quite as fantastic as we were hoping, especially compared to Porvoo or Suomenlinna. But it was still fun to walk around for a bit and see a new city!
Nothing says fall like pumpkins!

This cathedral was AWESOME, absolutely gorgeous.

This ceiling was by far my favorite, all the stars spread across.

In all the churches we've seen there has been a ship! And I want to know why! Miia has no clue, so if anyone has any insight that'd be great.

We walked a long the river for a bit then tried to hit up the handicrafts museum. Apparently the people dressed in period pieces and showed all of the craftsmanship from back in the day. But of course it was closed... so we decided to make our way to the oldest wooden building in Turku

And guess what!? It was closed... from Sept. to Nov. Are you freaking kidding me Turku?

But the Turku Castle did NOT disappoint!

The castle was filled with impressively old wooden carvings of Saints and Religious figures. It amazes me how old some of it is! And that it has survived this long.

We hit up the Castle Chapel and what did we find?? More freaking ships!!!!

And to end things on a creepy note...

This lovely barbie was prego... and apparently has a baby inside of her. Have you ever seen one of these in the states?? Kind of awkward.

Anyway... tomorrow we embark for St. Petersburg! I. am. pumped!
I have no idea the status of internet in our hotel so we'll see what happens!


Elisa said...

On the ships: "...the ship model probably indicated that the church members were fishermen or families of fishermen who prayed for their safe return from the sea."

Emily said...

I totally used to know what the ships mean, they have them in Sweden too. I think that Elisa is on the right track, but I wish I could remember! Also, I feel like preggo Barbie was a thing in the States when we were younger? Random.