Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Czeching out Prague

I just have to say that Prague is absolutely amazing. I didn't think it was quite possible to fall in love with a city right away, but I have. Basically, I'm moving to Prague... that's how fantastic it is.

Part of it would have to be how cute and cozy our little hostel is. It's right by the Old Town Center and it's just so nice and quiet. We are loving it!

Wenceslas Square
C'mon who knows the Christmas carol?? any takers?? 

I just love the buildings! So bright and colorful.

I was droooooooling over these berries.
How absolutely delish do they look?
I may have picked up a bucket of strawberries.

Apparently the new fashion in Prague is to wear your jeans around your thighs?? I don't know if this will catch on in the States.

The Old Town Square...LOVE THIS PLACE!

I have no idea exactly what this is. It's dough with nuts sprinkled with a sugar mixture and rotated over coals. amazingness on a stick.

It's actually a lot like my mom's potica bread...but not quite as delish.

Jon decided to jump right into the culture
I'm sure you're all shocked.

The HUGEST pot of potatoes. EVER.

The clock tower. A crowd began to gather at around 12:55 and we couldn't figure out why, but decided they must know more than us.

And boy am I glad we did. Although, Jon wasn't as impressed as Ashley and I.
These little puppets rang a bell and were moving around.
And theeeeeeennnn...

This guy started to play the trumpet from the tower~ too cool!

Seriously around every corner, is some beautiful street with amazing buildings.

After a little siesta we hit up some dinner!
I got beef goulash and it was amazing.
And it came with the goulash in this little cauldron on the side... way to sweet.

Some night shots.

So far, as you can see we are adoring Prague and it's medieval feel.

But, we would really appreciate some prayers for our friend Ashley! She's been feeling quite under the weather and we're not sure what's wrong. If you could keep her in your thoughts and pray for some awesome healing that would be much appreciated!

Czech ya later! :)

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Elisa said...

I know this sounds contrary, but Notre Dame is one of the major epicenters for witchcraft, for real. Crazy story about it which I won't share here.
Don't know Ashley's issue, but JUST in case, it may be worth praying all together and just binding every attack of witchcraft and sorcery and commanding it to go in Jesus' name. And plead the blood of Jesus and for protection.