Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeju: The Last

Today marks our last day in Korea land... as in, while you are reading this we are on a plane on our way to Finland. How the past two years have managed to fly by this quickly I'll never know.
So to mark our last day in Korea here is the recap of our last day in the land of Jeju.
We headed for sunrise mid morning peak :) We were not quite so ambitious as to get there for sunrise.
It was beautiful though and a really easy 15-20 minute hike!

The wind was STRONG! This cute little old man lost his hat so Jon jumped some fences and retrieved it for him :)

After the trek up! My feet got soooooo many stares.
But the 5 inch stilletos?? no issue at all. oh korea, you and your fashion choices

The massive crater at the top.
So we took some pictures for a family and right after the father started yelling "model! model!" so all the kids ran back up to get a picture with us! I will miss that about Korea land. Rock. Star. Status.
Just a beautiful view!
We could see Mt. Hallasan. Considering the last time we hiked it was less than ideal we figured one time of hiking it was enough :)
I LOVED this sign. It mad the need for water seem so dire.  When really it was a quick jaunt to the top.

The traditional "grandfather" statues that are EVERYWHERE!

After Sunrise Peak we had to make an appearance at the beach, and then met up with Sara and her friend Gina (a fellow MN girl!) for an amazing western dinner.
And that empty mudslide glass in front of me?? best decision ever.
And the waffle in front of us?? 2nd best decision ever.
All in all it was a fantastic way to end the trip! I'm so thankful we had the chance to go back to Jeju and really experience it! And get some fabulous weather too!

See you on the other side!!! Next time you hear from us we will be in Europe!

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Kayla said...

I actually saw a woman wearing VFF's the other day. I have to admit, I stared! Lol! I had never seen any in real life before, just on your blog so I kept looking at her feet to see what they were really like. I'm glad you had fun on Jeju! I wanted to go to so many places while we were in Korea, that was one of them, but we never got the chance which was a bummer. Oh well!