Thursday, October 14, 2010


Our lovely and massive hostel. Seriously this place is MASSIVE! And really trendy/modern. It's in a cute little neighborhood outside of the city.

Of course dinner comes first :) We hadn't eaten a solid meal since about 6:30 am so come 5 p.m. we were starved! This pasta totally hit the spot.

We decided not to attempt to much tonight so a walk along the river seemed like a fabulous idea.
This beautiful church is right outside our hostel.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Europe is how they use their public spaces. A little bocci ball tourney and ping pong tables along the river! I enjoy how everyone just spends time outside and together.

I think we've already fallen in love with Paris :)

Tomorrow it's off to the Catacombs, Notre Dame, Napoleon's Tomb, and wherever else our heart's desire !

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