Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Hills are Alive in Salzburg

Today we made our way toward the VonTrapp Family. If you know ANYTHING about me (and most of my family) we know the Sound of Music. As in songs, dialogue, actions... the whole kit n' caboodle.

As we meandered on our way we saw this from the train...

are you freaking kidding me Austria!?
Although we have been hearing that Europe is about 10 degrees cooler than normal, so ya know all those averages that I looked up for months ahead of time are really coming in handy. So glad I packed all the T-shirts. Neat.

Anywho we finally arrived at our destination and were STARVED.
So finding food was the first priority.
Lucky for us there was and awesome Pasta e Vino restaurant.
The woman only spoke German so my rusty elementary German came out and we managed :) Mom. you would've been proud.

The food was incredible! They only make 3 dishes a day and you could tell the noodles were homemade and fresh.

We headed back to the hostel for naps and computer time. I went out for a jog and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm still kicking myself for forgetting the camera, but we headed out on a walk and captured some of the magic.

I LOVE pumpkins and all things fall related! All the shops were decorated so cute!

We were heading down the same path I took my run on and then we spotted these lovelies

The mountains were so lovely and I wish we could've gotten some better shots, and of course pictures don't do it justice, but oh it was breathtaking.

We also caught ourselves a lovely sunset and we decided to meander around Old Town for the evening

Mozart's Birthhouse

This has been Ash and I pretty much all trip, much to Jon's chagrin. Hey... Europe is 10 degrees cooler I need some warm clothes!

Tomorrow we are off on the Sound of Music Tour. 
We've downloaded the movie
I'm getting my vocals ready.
Get Ready.
I'm pretty sure Jon's already embarrassed because he knows what's coming
and I don't think Ashley has ANY idea what she's gotten herself into.
Should be GREAT!

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