Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend with the Griggs!

As I've mentioned before our good friends recently moved out to the good 'ole state of CO. We've been lucky enough to spend two excellent weekends hanging out with them and it's time to recap the good times :)

It all started with a trip to Red Rocks for an Alison Krauss concert and it.was.amazing!

he's just so photogenic

Jon being rebellious and touching the rocks. 
If you climb on them it's like 1,ooo $ fine or 180 days in jail.

It was at this point in time that the lovely men at the entrance told us we couldn't bring in our cameras... 
are you kidding me!?

So Jordan quickly sprinted the two DSLR's back to the car

but he clearly wasn't happy about it

The rest of the pics are from Amanda's point and shoot! 

getting ready for the magic to happen

Our fun little group :)

The next day we hit up some more Red Rocks a little south of Denver

It was a beautiful day to meander around garden of the gods

Amanda picked our trail for the day

I am in love with this flower... i have no idea what it is, but I love it

I love that everywhere you turn there is another huge natural creation to stare at and be in awe of.

discussing something

and Jorge lost that round :)

Then they boys had some fun

he's just so strong..

(photo by Jorge Grigg)

I'm pretty sure I could walk around here for hours and never tire of it.

It's an absolutely gorgeous place to go hiking for the day

In front of the kissing camels

a little wildlife to end the trip right :)

Every weekend I feel like we get to know CO a little bit more and feel that much more invested in our surroundings.

I really do love calling this place home and experiencing everything it has to offer!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to School

Obviously from the lack of blogging the past month we've had a bit of a shift in our daily schedule.

Welcome to our life...

Yes... school has started and our life has been consumed by books.

Ok... that's a little bit of a lie. We've had  A LOT of social gatherings in the past few weeks that have also been consuming a large part of our days.

It's been hard to slow down and actually share what our life has consisted of, but fortunately I finally downloaded the 500 pictures we had waiting on our camera.
So get ready for lots of blog posts to come!

but back to life on this particular study day...

We spent the day at Hudson Gardens which is next to the school.
We studied, watched some geese and wandered around the beautiful gardens.

the pumpkin field was by far my favorite

It was a beautiful day, and so lovely to spend it outside studying and just enjoying each other's company!

and as promised... more posts and pictures to come!