Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm on a boat!

Again, if you've never heard the song... count yourself lucky. Although it is pretty humorous.

Anywaaaaay... we are officially in St. Petersburg!!! And it is rock my face off amazing, seriously it's gorgeous.  While I work my way through a couple hundred photos for the next blog post take a gander at our mode of transport.

This is the straight you have to go through to get out... land was literally within like 100 ft of the ship on both sides... crazy tight!

my "I'm on a boat" pose :)

The "Club" on the boat. We enjoyed a cider and beer.

We have arrived! And there was even a band to greet us :) They played "When the Saints come marching in" and "Happy Birthday"

After the boat is was off to our hotel!

Not actually our hotel... but the same street :)

Buuuuut take a gander at our FABULOUS room (ok we've been staying in Korean love motels for 2 years... this place might as well be the Ritz)

Our welcome note on the TV :)

So freakin' cute! And the beds are beyond comfortable!

This lovely chair is my new best friend... especially while blogging.

So for those of you planning a trip to St. Petersburg I'd have to say taking the cruise ship from Helsinki was great, and so far the Sokos Hotel is getting a HUGE thumbs up!

Can't wait to share all of the amazingness we saw today! 
Get ready for a photo-heavy post coming up....

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