Sunday, August 28, 2011

Camping Trip!

To continue on our week long of soaking up summer, we made our way west to do a little camping. WE successfully fit five people, a tent, pillows, sleeping bags, a tarp, food, and our bags, and a dog in the CR-V. It was a tight fit.. but we totally made it work.

I'm not sure that Toby was as happy with the arrangements as we were, but he was a trooper.

setting up the 6 person tent

getting our sleeping bags all comfy cozy

We decided to climb some rocks, while Jon pictured it up.

Peter wasn't to sure about the swing at first... apparently it was some awkward placement

but he got the hang of it eventually

There goes grandpa with his walking stick

The fire starters

Nothin better than a roaring campfire, hot dogs, and s'mores.

love our little group all smushed in

Group HUG!

Ready to make our way back to Denver!

Fun way to end our last week of vacation before school starts!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Warrior Dash

This past week has been on the busy side in our household. Perhaps we're overcommitting, but I'd like to think that we're just trying to suck every drop out of summer before we start school on Monday.

Last Sunday we took a little trip up to Copper Mountain for a race. Thankfully this race was just a 5k, but with a twist. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Warrior Dash, and let me tell you... if you haven't done it, you should.

It was Jon's first race EVER!

Kimmy, Jon, and I started our race while Kimmy's hubby Dave took over the photography.

He captured some interesting people

What we had to look forward too

Look at those weirdo's group stretching

There's always got to be that one guy, unfortunately for us there were a group of them.

Since we really didn't know the course David unfortunately missed some of the obstacles and our swim through the mud

While Kimmy and I were leaping fire a security guard was yelling at Dave so he wasn't able to get our leap over the fire

But look at those faces of determination

Jon leaping his way through.

around mile 1 Jon told Kimmy and I to make our way forward, but he was a trooper and came in about 7 minutes behind us.

We had a photo shoot while we waited


So... it turns out that Jon flagged us on because he had broken his toe during the first mile!

He made it through the last two miles and still finished strong!

I could NOT be more PROUD of him for sticking it out!

And apparently I think this toe is on the ground somewhere else...

Mark doesn't like to get dirty...

Jon's kind of double fistin'

Turkey legging it up


Our warrior faces

Just love these two :)

Kimmy, thanks for running it with us. Dave thanks for the photography skills, and Mark... thanks for partaking in a turkey leg :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bowling Time

The other evening we made our way to a bowling alley/arcade/lazer tag/ most awesome place ever with some friends.

We found out that after 8:45 we could bowl for a buck a person so we decided to try our luck in the arcade.

Heather had NO idea that Lori was pointing the gun her way 

ski ball is an intense sport

Bball tourney

the boys way too obsessed with killing things

 So Lori and I decided that since we basically rocked the Novice DDR we could manage the Medium level.

That resulted in both of us jumping up and down for 5 minutes laughing and seriously sucking at DDR.

Douggie successfully fitting his vibrams in the bowling shows

 Why yes, Brian is bowling in a walking cast

LOVE these ladies :)

I foresee many more nights of bowling and arcading ahead of us :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big Move

No, No... The Stainbrooks have not moved again.

thank.the. good. Lord.

But these two good looking peeps did :)

We were able to get this baby unloaded quite quickly

looking way too good for the heat we were working through

Jordan HATES all the knick knacks

buuuuuuuuuut... turns out he had his own little box of 'em

Jordan's parents also informed me of his deep childhood love of big machinery :)

 (my Friends ppl know what I'm talking about :) )

clearly setting up the most important part of the apartment

slowly but surely it's all getting moved in

Diane completely dominated the kitchen

While Manda and I tackled the bedroom

THANKS for the awesomely authentic mexican meal!!

We could not be more excited that these two are within 45 miles of us!