Monday, October 4, 2010


After all the packing, cleaning, traveling, and day trips this weekend we got to spend the day just relaxing at Joel and Miia's. Our day looked a little something like this...

I got my first run in out on the trails. It was a GORGEOUS outside, and I was so ticked that I left our little point and shoot in the house.

We did copious amounts of laundry. I'm already missing our dryer in Korealand, I thought we were done with our hanging ways!

and we walked to the mall and did a little of this :) 
(we also entertained Kosti for the morning)

Joel caught us on our way back up from the mall and we of course ha to watch some Family Guy, while I started preparing...


Who doesn't love apple crisp on a cool fall day!?
Then it was time for a Kosti walk. Thankfully I did bring the camera this time around so you can see my running route as well!

I call this the "face off"


a lost mitten :(

When you kick the leaves, Kosti attacks your feet ... we had a little tooo much fun with this game.


and just in case you didn't know, if you don't pick up your pet's excrement children will play and frolic in it.

Although fall typically means death, I think that some plants look even better in their dried and twisted state.

Mario mushroom anyone??

and of course we had to end our night with...

the perfect fall day!


Laura said...

Ooohh, that apple crisp looks amazing!!!!!

Seth and Christy said...

I would like to marry that day and take it on a date... to an apple crisp shop in Finland. Lewis' teacher (yes, he's in pre-k at two and a half... yikes) is Finnish and has talked a bit about her prior life in the mother land, some 20 years ago now. I'm jealous.