Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paris! I suck at life

The whole reason that we really wanted to come to Paris was to see Versailles.
I've read numerous books about Marie Antoinette and have ALWAYS wanted to see it!
Ashley and Jon felt the same way.
The whole time we had planned for a full day, on Monday. I was positive that was the day to go.

But here is the part where I suck at life.

Versailles isn't open on Monday. And we didn't find this out until Sunday...night.
We decided to head out anyway and explore the gardens and see what we could see.
While it would've been fabulous to see the inside, being outside was great. It was a gorgeous dya and the perfect time to explore the gardens when they weren't as busy.

No wonder the people rebelled... 

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous gardens!

of course afterwards I just had to chow down on some profiteroles and think back on my days working at Kavanaugh's

and just so ashley wouldn't feel left out, we made a pit stop at Notre Dame and said our goodbye's to Paris.

Au revoir Paris!

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