Monday, October 25, 2010

Vienna: The Sights!

For Vienna we were extremely lucky, we had our own personal tour guide!
Ashley has a "cousin" ( her great grandpa's brother's side of the family. basically what I have in Germany and Hungary)
here that helped to show us around! Nina was so much fun and I'm so bummed we didn't get a picture with her!
But we did get the all-star vienna tour. Nina picked us up at our hostel on Sunday and we headed to the city center. It was a bit drizzly and cold, but that didn't stop us!

The Parliament building

We saw where they kept the Spanish Riding Horses. It was actually a little sad to see them all penned up like that...

Part of the Palace

Mozart and Goethe

We then ate at the best place to eat. Oh my goodness. It was a pancake place that was delish! So many options, and strangely enough I went for the Veal Goulash with spaetzle in a paprika cream sauce... word..

this is all that was left.

The next day (today) we made our way to eat some lunch with Nina and then out to Schonnbrunn

Nothing like a walk in the rain :)

The Gloriette

Unfortunately there couldn't be any pictures on the inside. Which I was super bummed about, I have an odd fascination with the Habsburg family and loved looking around the summer palace. so cool!

We then met up for dinner with our friend Andrew!
We met Andrew in Prague and hung out and he just happened to be heading to Vienna after us!
So we got to hang out one more time!
He's such a fun guy and has some fabulous stories about travel and life in South Africa.

We're on to Salzburg tomorrow!!

Sound of Music here we come :)

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