Monday, October 25, 2010

Vienna: The Hostel

The name of our hostel in Vienna is 'Believe it or not.." and truthfully it rings true.
This is the sight we walked up too yesterday.

I'm pretty sure at this point all of us were trying to figure out where the nearest Internet Cafe was so we could find other accommodations. It was BEYOND sketchy.

And then we walked into this...

A cute, posh, little apartment. Basically... I want to move in tomorrow.

This is the fun living room! I'm in love with the couch cushions. All of the cushions are held up with belts! Sooooo cute!

This is our room, there are two beds on either side of the double doors, and then a little loft with two beds too! It had a mini shower and sink tucked away in the corner as well.

Ashley's and my tree house :)

Jon relaxing after a day of travel!

One of the bathrooms

I'm officially in LOVE with the kitchen. Sorry for the blurry pic I was to excited to take photos to stay still :)

These little bins ran under the high cupboards... such a fun idea!
They keep noodles, tea bags, coffee, and hot coca mix in these babies!

And to end with, how adorable are these little cupboard knobs!?
I'm in love :)

Vienna has been fantastic thus far, I can't believe we leave tomorrow!!
I'll post up the sights we saw later in the day!

*oh and if anyone knows anything about coding for websites and would love to help a computer challenged person out... that'd be swell :)*

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