Thursday, October 21, 2010

Czeching out Prague: 2

Today we started off on a mission.
Operation: Get Ashley to the Doctor!
And we were successful!
Unfortunately Ash has a sinus infection, was given a ton of meds, and told to do minimal things for the next 3 days... so basically the rest of our time in Prague :( But at least we know what's going on and she will hopefully be on the mend soon!

Our second mission was to see Josefov, The Jewish Center in Prague.
It's the best preserved Jewish community in Europe. Beginning in 910 A.D.

We're ready for anything!

Our first stop was the Maisal Synagogue.
During WW2 this is were Hitler stored all of the Jewish goods he had taken. He planned on opening a museum called "The Museum of the Extinct Jewish Race"
But inside was INCREDIBLE.
On the walls they had written all the names of the Jews that perished in the Czech Republic.

Those are names... and the walls were COVERED in them. Unbelievable.

Our next tour was the Jewish Cemetery.
The King only allotted a certain spot of land for the Jews to bury their dead, and it was a tiny area.
The gravestones were literally just toppling over each other.

Some of the other building we meandered through. We went through so many synagogues and it was a bit of a bummer that we weren't able to take any pictures.
So the outside photos will have to do.
In each place though it had so many showcases and artifacts showing Jewish life, holidays, and their impact in the Czech Repub. I found it absolutely fascinating.

Some more amazing buildings in the land of Prague.

And to top it all off, we found a Korean restaurant :)
No, we did not eat there. Although the galbi looked AMAZING!!!! hmmmm yummy.

Tomorrow Jon and I are off to Terezin and I'm pretty excited.

I'm also working on a new blog with our own domain so keep a look out for the switcheroo~


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun! You are so cultured!! can't wait to see you two!!!! ~Amanda Maunu

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting about your trip...kinda brings me down memory lane b/c you went to all the same places in prague that i went! love ya friend. take good care of our bestie!