Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paris! Mona Lisa Smile

Sunday in Paris.

Time to see the Louvre.

This place is HUGE. Seriously monstrous... and gorgeous all at the same time :)

Ok I'm sorry but how freakishly cool is that lift?? It goes right up between the spiral in the stairs. Yes.. the small things make me happy.

Jon having a hay-day in the Egyptian Antiquities wing.

After getting lost a few times we finally made our way to the main event...

you can feel the palpable tension, the crowd of people swarming... the excitement buzzing in the air!

Ahh Mona Lisa.. you and your mysterious ways.

But seriously, the crowd was INSANE! we had to fight our way through to get some shots. It was a bit too intense so we quickly took our picture and found our way to the Spanish painters.

It was like being back in class with Maureen

Alright everyone... quick find the symbolism... (ok so if you never had spanish class with me, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about... but if you did... you get it! oh do you get it)

So maybe it's just me, but museums make me... tired! As much as I want to see everything and speculate on it's beauty and meaning, there is just too much! After a few hours I'm spent!
It almost makes me feel a little less cultured, or like because they are such great works of art I should be able to suck it up and deal, but after 3 hours in the Louvre we were all starved and hankering for some deliciousness in the form of...


oooooo.. I'm salivating just looking at it now. Nutella, Banana, thin crepe goodness?? sign me up.

After inhaling indulging in our crepey goodness we hit up the Arc de' Triomphe


Some shots from the top.. different colors...yes. I'm not sure why. But there is no time for editing so they are what they are :)

After a little shopping at H&M ( hey we needed some warmer clothes, and a souvenir from Paris! )

We saw the city at night!

Ashley made us do it...

So gorgeous at night!

For all of you who are wondering, we did manage to get train tickets to Prague! (I'm actually blogging from our new hostel :) )

The rest of the Paris posts will be up today!

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Seth and Christy said...

There aren't too many phrases sweeter than "train to Prague." Anyway, seeing this crap makes me want to go back to Paris with a better camera and more time. I've got to get to Montemarte (Sacre Coeur!) and have crepes again and stand on Notre Dame island (whatever it's called... is it City Island?) and watch the Seine roll toward me and split into strands. Great pics. I'm glad the rioters didn't get you.