Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paris!: The Lovely Bones

Today, was a great day in Paris :)
But truthfully... what day in Paris isn't a great one!?

We started our morning at The Catacombs
Because, who doesn't want their day to start looking at a bunch of bones buried deep into the earth?
The sad part was it took us 30 minutes walking around a two block radius to find the stupid entrance! There was no big sign, except of the small one above the door, hidden between some big stones from the building. Mildly frustrating but we found it!

The underground well

ahh look at all the lovely skeletons in a heart shape...isn't that sweet~?

bones lined taller than me! taller than Jon too...

As we were walking down, Jon decided it'd be a good idea to let me know that not only have people gotten lost down here, but have died down here... thanks honey.
It was truly like a maze

After that we decided we were in desperate need of some crepes :)

Then it was time for some Notre Dame action :)

Although I was slightly disappointed that we didn't see any hunchbacks ringing bells...

Then we headed to the war museum and Napoleon's tomb

His tomb was MASSIVE! But of course the internet is soooooo slow in the hostel ( it has taken me almost 2 full days just to get this post up)

so I can't upload all the pictures, but I assure you... they will be making an appearance on facebook!

And later today...a little photo shoot with Paris' most amazing landmark!

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