About Us!

We are one happy couple getting used to life back in the U.S.A.! We just got back from 2 years teaching English in South Korea and have just started life as Graduate students in Colorado!! Welcome to our street!

This is Sara (the main writer of the blog). Sara is... a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and more importantly a daughter of the ultimate Father. I am a Christ follower and love my Creator with all that is within me.
Likes: my fabulous husband, reading, running, exercising, traveling, learning languages, photography, painting, acting, singing, watching Friends and Gilmore Girls, gummy bears/worms, sour patch kids, peaches n' cream pie, pepperoni/green pepper pizza, when my husband washes the dishes, when my husband makes me dinner, ice cream, baking, cooking new things, candles, incense, and enjoying those around me!

Dislikes: wet socks/feet, rude people, driving on really icy roads, winters that last waaaaay to long, peas, tomatoes, missing my family and friends, spilling things on my clothes, and waiting for the next step in life...

This is Jon (the hubby). Jonathan is a husband, brother, son, uncle, and friend. Most likely he won't be writing anything on here, but he welcomes you all the same :) Jon is a Christian and tries to live his life according to what the Bible teaches.
Likes: my wife, soccer, reading the Bible, geeking out to video games and xbox360, stargate SG-1, chocolate, Band of Brothers, chocolate, MacGyver, chocolate, anything sweet... or made of ... chocolate, pizza, general tsao chicken, photography, biking, and old movies.
Dislikes: stupid drivers, people talking on their cellphones when they drive, peas, when things are out of place, and being tickled.