Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finlandia: 2

Thankfully, I got more sleep last night! 11 hours to be exact :) Jon and I both crashed around 8:30/9:00 and slept until 8 am. It was GLORIOUS! And much needed after many sleepless and restless nights.

We took the morning nice and slow and we headed down to Helsinki around 2ish to see the market again and catch a ferry to some nearby islands.

tupperware full of cut-up fish.

The ferry out to Suomenlinna.

Tiny little islands along the way.

Freezing my little tuchkus off on the ride over.

Suomenlinna is an old Naval fortress. The only way ships can get in to Helsinki is through this tiny little straight in between some of the islands.

Apparently Finland has a Shire.

Finland = Gorgeous

I love all the little sailboats in the window.

The drawbridge entrance.

If the rest of our trip has half of the beautiful weather we've had so far I'll be a happy camper :) It's been gorgeous blue skies and cool crisp air.


Kayla said...

WOW! Beautiful! I miss Europe so badly sometimes, especially when I see pictures like this! You guys are going to have so much fun traveling around! Eat lots of chocolate! Actually, eat lots of everything! Their food is so good over there and vacation isn't for watching out what you eat and this is a once in a life time thing so eat lots of whatever the heck you want :D

Becca said...

SOOOO Jealous! Wish we were there with you guys in beautiful Finland!