Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me and my semi-green thumb!

Now if you know my mom, you know she has an insane garden full of flowers, veggies, blueberries and all sorts of other stuff. She has the greenest thumb I've ever seen. I swear that woman can make anything grow.

I on the other hand struggle a bit.  It all started with the Hibiscus plant Jon gave me when we were dating. It was so dang cute. Then all the roomies started noticing these little clear looking bug/dots on them. I just figured they were supposed to be there. Not so much. In the end I attempted to save the plant by rubbing, rubbing alcohol on the plant and misting it with water every 2 hours. Needless to say... it didn't work. My poor little Hibiscus was dead.

Then there was the mystery plant Jon's mom gave me. When I got it, it had two green stems. So I watered it and put it in the sun and these gorgeous white blossoms came out and I was so ecstatic! Then it died... and literally just looked like a pot with dirt for about 6 months. I saved it numerous times from my roomates attempts to throw it away. And it bloomed again! Then died... then I had to give it away because I moved to Korea. 

But in general I just have not always had a great track record with plants. But I decided this year would be different. I want plants! Sooooo I got some!

Ok so really... I only have a few little potted plants. My school has been planting a ton of flowers. 
They told me if I brought in some pots they'd give me some flowers! So I stocked up!

Here they are trying to get a little light, although with the rain all day it's been a little rough.
I love how colorful they are!

This little guy my co-teacher bought for me... kind of pathetically cute :) But the plant will eventually grow little whitish/pink flowers.

I have NO idea what these little guys will be, but I hope it lives long enough for me to find out!

And then there are the mint leaves. My friend Jane mailed these my way from her little island and I need to plant them in a pot. My only issue is that every website I've looked at gives me conflicting advice  on how to plant these indoors. Some say thin layer of soil, some say 5 gallon pot, some say lot's of sun, others say shade... seriously make up your minds! 

So I will be calling my mother tonight to attempt to figure out how to make this little guy flourish because I am needing some mint for the lovely mojitos I plan on making this summer :)

Any tips on growing things?

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ktbwood said...

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for that comment. you are so right- we seriously dont know the answers, and i dont think we are supposed to know the entire mystery of our God either! It will just make heaven so much more amazing, you know? I agree w. everything you said. have a blessed day!