Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are ya achin'? For some bacon? you can be a big pig to oi!

First off, if you can name that movie you deserve a high five... and if you can't... well you were certainly deprived during childhood. So let's see who can name it?? any takers? And I promise despite it's appearance it really does have something to do with this post.

Tuesday afternoon my gym teacher kept telling me about a "pig festival" uhhhh... what? He was very excited about it, but I really had no clue what was goin' on. Finally my teacher explained that they were having a pig bbq that night. I'm always up for some pork and a bbq so I quickly agreed. The day was sunny and nice, but that all change very rapidly.

So what do you do when you can't be outside anymore??

You move to the unfinished gym and all huddle in a corner.
All huddled around the fire to be exact. Who's that dashing young man staring at me... with those rakish good looks?

because why wouldn't you stir up the fire with a piece of wood you found with rusty nails. And why wouldn't you cook the meat on a metal lid of some sort, that you are almost positive was not intended for cooking and are praying it doesn't make you sick.
Hmmmmmm look at all that deliciousness... seriously this stuff is so freakin' good. It's a little thing I like to call Samgyeopsal, and it'll rock your face off.

What better way to put out a fire, than with a lettuce leaf??
And when the fire gets to be too much, then you watch the Korean teacher try to grab a flaming piece of wood between a thin wire thing and the rusty nail board, and then run it over to the puddle in the middle of the yard. I'm just disappointed I wasn't able to get a shot of him accidentally dropping it on his foot and freaking out. Seriously so great.
ahhhhh sooooooo gooooooood. sorry for all the meat pictures, but dang it's good! Like glorified bacon... and I was a pig eating it... hence the name of the post.
here is the process, you cook it with a bit of salt and then put it in a lettuce leaf with some soybean paste, garlic, onion, and whatever else you fancy...
And you get this. Then you wrap it up and shove it all in your mouth! yummy goodness right there.
And what would a Korean teacher party be without some soju. Thankfully, this is a male thing. This is their culture. So Jon gets forced to drink a little at every party.
Which means he touches it to his lips and inwardly grimaces.
Then they gave us some yummy plum juice and decided it would be a good idea for us to drink it like this. Go figure, but that juice was dang good.
Me and my fabulous co-teacher Joanne... seriously we'd be dead, laying in a ditch without this woman. I will miss her greatly when we leave, I'm just glad I have a few more months to spend in her company!

And that folks is a Korean bbq with the teachers. I'm told that my school has them quite frequently especially in the spring/ summer which I'm excited about, because I really enjoy my school and they are like family :)

Speaking of which... if you are one of my family members and you are reading this, pretty please leave a comment, let me know. I know you are all busy people but c'mon... (can you tell I'm the youngest and in need of a little love and attention?) :) And thanks to those who do comment. It's so appreciated you don't even know!


Anonymous said...

So glad you reference great Disney movies like the Lion King in your blog! I've kinda been stalking you on your blog during all of my development classes! I'm still sad I missed you in Minnesota! I can't wait for you to come home. The good old US of A just isn't the same without you!


Laura said...

That's a little different than what bbqs are like here, eh? Haha, great pictures, though - good thing you got to capture it all!

Joelle said...

Yup yup yup! I may not be family, but I do love reading all of your updates and hearing your "voice" come through in all of your comments!! Keep the posts comin...I too love stalking you. All the way from NH, my I am talented.

Love to you and Jon

Melissa said...

I too love reading your blog.....oh and....LION KING!!!!
Miss you and love you