Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy White Day!

Wait... you don't know what White Day is?? Oh you crazy American :)
If you are as confused as we were last year you can read all about White Day HERE!

In honor of White day chocolates and flowers are usually given to some extent. Even the students give a little something to the teachers, and one of my sweetest students, Sophia, gave me this little thing. It was soooo cute I just had to take some pictures (and of course get in some practice with the macro lens)

Whatever can it be!?
Awwwww... look at that bow...
I know, I know, way to many pictures but it was just so fun!

And so absolutely tiny! That and the chocolate inside was AMAZING. ahhh the perks of being a teacher :)

So to all of you have a fantastic White day!

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