Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Run Forrest, Run!

For the past 4 weeks I've been training for a half-marathon. I will officially be running in Busan on May 16! I am beyond excited about this, not only will it be my first half-marathon... it'll be in Korea! Something a little fun and different.

Now during this training, for the most part, I've felt really good. There have been some harder days, but in reality I've felt incredible afterwards and really enjoy getting in the exercise and working towards a goal.

The only difficulty has been the ...duh duh duh WIND! I'm not talking light breezes on a nice summer day. I'm talking of upwards to 50 mph winds coming directly at me and literally knocking me over ( yes, it was a little embarrassing). We're talking the Mary Poppins scene when all the nannies are blown away for Mary to get there. The wind is so out of control on the islands and it's usually in one direction and then on the way back it's like completely calm. It's outrageous!

Last Sunday I was on a 5 mile run and I was heading up a hill and while I should've looked like this....

It looked a little something like this....

I wish I was kidding. I wish I was exaggerating. But I was literally crawling up that hill fighting the dang wind! At one point I even cried out " LORD CALM THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!" thinking that clearly he would hear me, and totally calm everything down. Let's just say the Lord was testing me and my willpower to get through the run. I did get through it, but I did not enjoy it... not even a little.

So although the wind has been giving me a lot of trouble, I do have some rewarding news to go along with it!
My Stats along the way
4 weeks ago...
running 3 miles:
pace 10:45 / mile (ouch... this is high, but I attribute it to the fact I hadn't done any form of exercise for about 3 months and then just went out and ran 3 miles)
fastest time: 9:08/mile
running 4 miles (that's one more mind you)
pace: 9:26/ mile (that's down almost 1:20/mile whoo hoo!)
fastest time: 5:23/mile

Now I know these times are still pretty high for most people. But quite frankly I'm proud of myself for improving my time so much! I'm hoping that in the next 8 weeks I'll get it down even further!

Do any of you run? Is the wind the bane of your existence?? Any tips for running in a race? It'll be my first one!


Kayla said...

Sorry, I don't run but I say that your stats look good! Keep at it, you'll have a lot of fun in Busan hopefully!

The Stephens said...

I am so laughing at the Mary Poppins imagining! (But, I realize it's not funny that you have to run against the wind:)).

Anonymous said...

Sara I am so proud of you & your progress in running. Hey, just think how fast you will be in Busan without any wind... Keep up the good work!
Much love, Momma Stainbrook

Fallon said...

Those are slow times?? Sheesh! When I run anything more than a mile, I'm generally quite proud when I'm between 10:00 and 10:30 mile. You are flying, girl!

Amanda said...

Running Tips...Hmmmm get some good shake your booty music and you will be set :)