Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Good, The Great, and The Beautiful!

The Good: We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day today! The sun was shining, birds were singing (I never actually heard them, but I'm almost positive they were) and it was quite warm! Hooray for Spring!

The Great:  I went on a great run today! I ran along this lovely little road.
I had my six mile run today and it ROCKED! I avg. 9:37/mile!  The wind wasn't out of control or insane at all. This was such a blessing!  The wind was perfect, just enough to cool you off, but not so much that I had to recreate a scene from Twister.

The Beautiful:

 Today was such a beautiful spring day! The flowers are blooming and the sun was so nice! Jon and I walked/drove around for the good part of an hour and took sooooo many pictures. Maybe I should say I took pictures, and Jon walked around patiently waiting for me :)

There will be many more flower pictures to come... believe me there were far to many to just put up on one post !

Happy Spring!

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Laura said...

Oh Sara, those photos are gorgeous! I love them all! We aren't that far into spring yet, but we'll get there! Until we do, keep posting pics like this so I can dream. PS you've totally rocked the editing on these. What's your favorite tricks? Mine usually involve a bit of saturation bump and a sizeable contrast bump.

You also asked me before about the header - to change the background color you have to make sure that the most bottom layer is selected before you try to paint it. Use the paint bucket to do it. I made my header myself, I wasn't using a template. But the templates should work the same. Click on the background or bottom most layer in the layer palette on the right side of the screen and then press K. This selects the bucket. Press D which gives you the default colors of Black and White. If the white is the foreground color, press X to toggle between black and white. These three shortcuts are a LIFESAVER when using Rita's Perfect Portrait or the Dodge and Burn actions. That's what you do, paint on the layers with white or black brushes. Anyway, once you have the bucket and it's black paint that's selected, just click once on your header. If the background layer is the one that is selected, then the background should turn black.

If this doesn't work, msg me. I can maybe explain myself better there haha!