Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes, I am crazy

I never thought I was a self-destructive type of person, but I'm beginning to re-evaluate.
Today I started the P90x workout regimen.... and on top of this I'm also still training for the half marathon in Busan.


I can't say for sure. Maybe it's the fact that everyone and their mother (and by this I mean my husband and our neighbors) has recently started it up and I'm feeling a little left out. Although I will say recently I've heard of about 25 people that are into p90x or are just starting, etc.  I was going to start doing the  p90x when I was done training for the marathon, but apparently it just wasn't soon enough. 

That and come the end of May it's going to be getting unbelievably warm in Korea-land. And I wouldn't be able to finish until like August... and I just want to be done quicker than that. So now I'll be done at the end of June... just before the humid, rainy, monsoon season sets in. 

I also have a theory that I'm way too much like my mother. I mean this in a semi-good way (love you mom :) ). She has the inability to sit still, and to give herself some down time.  And I have the same issue. I think I can always be doing more, always one more goal to reach. I'm way to antsy and goal oriented for my own good.

So now I'm doing chest, back, shoulder, leg, arm, and ab ripper exercises and still running... I'm either going to get in amazing shape or kill myself trying.

Pray for the first, I know I am.

Do any of you have a favorite work-out, DVD, or exercise regimen? And if any of you have any nutritional tips or general sanity tips that'd be swell :)

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