Friday, April 2, 2010

A Perfect Love

Jon and I have officially finished The Love Dare. It's been 40 days of trials, challenges, a lot of talking, and a lot of growth. I wish I would've blogged about it more, but it was so much information to take in that I actually may blog about in the future as I reflect more.

It has also been 40 days of really appreciating the fact that I will never love Jon perfectly and vice versa, but that we do have a Creator who not only loves us perfectly but who also took the ultimate "dare" for us.

I love that we chose to do this for Lent and that it all coincides with Easter.  Personally, Easter is my favorite time of the year. Spring, growth, new life, and most importantly the whole reason I believe in Christ, my Risen Lord, and Savior. 

Christ took the ultimate love dare in sacrificing his life for everyone. He is the reason I'm able to love the way I do, He is the reason I can live my life with a sense of Joy and Freedom, He is the reason I have purpose, and He is the reason I recognize my imperfections and strive to be better. I will never reach that level of perfection, and that's ok, because I have a Savior who has died for my sins and given me new life. For this I will Forever praise His name.

As we look at Holy Week, we see Christ coming in, riding on a donkey. People are literally throwing palm branches and their clothes on the ground before him. Praising Him crying "Hosanna in the highest!"-Mark 11:10

And we end the week, with Jesus being betrayed by one of his disciples and tortured beyond belief. While in the Garden it was historically shown his stress went to the level of hematidrosis literally bleeding through your sweat glands. Which makes your skin so much more sensitive to any type of touch. He is spat on, sworn at, and brought before Caiphas  and then to Pilate.

After his "trial" he is then flogged, and if you have ever seen "The Passion of the Christ" I imagine it was probably even worse than that... and that was one of the most horrible things I've ever seen.

A crown of thorns is places on his head and he is mocked once again by the soldiers. 
This is all before his is ultimately crucified.
I would imagine the worst possible way to die. Hanging on a cross, nails in my hands and feet, and thorns ground into my head. All for others. Dying to save the lives of mankind.

As it's Good Friday I'll leave it at that. Although the best part is yet to come.

As a child I remember Good Friday being one of the most chilling and impact -full church services. There was a large wooden cross in the front with candles all along it. There were verses read and songs were sung and each time a few more candles were put out. And each time the lights dimmed, until we were enveloped in darkness. Then from the back, the same boy/man sang every year

"Were you there?"  His voice was so clear and so full of emotion, it broke my heart and gave me chills everytime. And truly drove home the tragic nature of humankind. The tragic nature of this death.

Here is the song... it still gives me chills

*Now I know some of you that read this, aren't Christians, and may laugh or think I'm crazy. But I do ask that you respect my beliefs the same way I would respect yours. This is in no way trying *shove* anything down your throat.  I'm not trying to start some religious debate, It's just me expressing the importance of this day and weekend.

What is your favorite thing about Easter?

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