Friday, March 19, 2010

We have a driveway!!

Ok, so we always had a driveway, but it was a muddy, watery mess. Since we moved into these houses they had promised that they would cement the little road/driveway coming into our house. Until about 4 weeks ago we hadn't heard anymore about it, and then the workers showed up. And of course, it took them a whole 4 weeks to actually finish cementing the dang thing. To add insult to injury it also rained about 23 out of those 28 days. So you can imagine it was really fun not being able to drive on the road and having to walk.

Here is our lovely muddy mess

You can't see the difference but it was a good couple of inches between the cement into our parking area and the driveway. In other words our car bottomed out every time we went over it.
As you can see, we couldn't even walk along the road we had to walk on the very thin slab of cement covered in boards. A little scary
This is Jon. Jon doesn't balance so well. Jon fell.
*this is a re-enactment. we were not in the picture taking mood when he fell.
Jon fell into this. He had a good 2 inches of mud covering his shoes, inside his shoes, and on his jeans. Needless to say we were getting a little sick of this situation after so many weeks!

The workers truck getting stuck in all the muddy guk!
Now you can see why it took them a good 4 weeks to finish. They took the longest breaks, and weren't really working that hard. This is their hour long soju break in our parking area. Look at that work ethic.
Yay they are finally spreading the cement!
It's finished! Now we just have to wait 3 days to walk on it (which we didn't do) and 5 days to drive on it, are you kidding me!? but at least we were able to walk on a hard, non muddy surface.
Finally driving on it! woo hoo!

And that is our excitement from Korea. Yes, as you can tell we are really living it up here. Our biggest news is cement. Thrilling.

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Angie said...

Hi Sarah and Jon! Thanks for sharing your blog with me, it looks great : ) I would have fallen in the mud like Jon too, and probably face-first, for a mud facial treatment! ~ Angie