Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ahra and Mr. Cho

I think one of my favorite parts of living in Korea is getting to know a lot of our teachers and being able to have them over for dinner. We've really been blessed with so many wonderful teachers and it's always fun to make them a "western" dish :)

The other night we had Jon's elementary school teacher, Ahra, and her husband ( who coincidentally works at my elementary school) Mr. Cho. (We've never been told his Korean name, and he hasn't chosen his English name yet.) 

They are seriously one of the cutest couples... ever. They are both ridiculously sweet, funny, and goofy :)

We made some delicious fajitas... they didn't last long.
(*sorry about the stinky yellow color, this tends to happen with the lights in our house, and I was way to lazy to attempt photoshopping it)

Playing a little Wii action. These two were so great to watch!

Mr. Cho capturing a great moment between Jon and I :) I think he just beat me at Ping Pong... and was rubbing it in.

Then we boxed... and we all know who dominated that one :)

Giving the Archery a try.

Then Ahra and Mr. Cho gave boxing a go... Ahra took him down! 

We are already planning our next get together with them, and there are plans for basketball in the making. In a culture where we often feel lost, and alone most of the time it's such a blessing to have great friends. And really it's a great opportunity for us to learn more about Korea and appreciate the people we work with.

What's your favorite Wii game? Mine are swordfighting and boxing... so much fun!


Laura said...

Sword fighting, archery, frisbie dog game, and on the Wii Play disc, the target shooting one!! I Love Wii!

Angie said...

On Wii sports I like Speedslice (sword fighting), tennis, and wakeboarding! Have you tried wakeboarding Sarah? *Angie