Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to School

I've meant to be a lot better at blogging lately since its been almost a week, but since I've been at school and this site is blocked it's been harder to blog during the day.

We have officially begun a new school year in Korea. All the students are back, there are new teachers, and as usual it's kicking off with a lot of randomness. The first day back started with a opening ceremony. 5 parents came (at least to mine) and then some students won scholarships, and the teachers were introduced. All of this took at least an hour, as a bunch of random songs, bowing, and talking were thrown in the mix.

I am extremely lucky this year, my co-teacher from last year stayed! We weren't sure if she was going too, but she did and for this I'm eternally grateful. If she hadn't come back I'm not quite sure how I would've made it through the rest of this contract. So far I haven't taught... at all. It's is apparently happening this week, but I doubt it. Last year in Haenam I don't think I had a class until the third week in March, because it is just that disorganized.

Jon isn't as lucky. Is old co-teacher left and in her place there is a brand new teacher. As in just passed her test a week ago, never taught before, we have more experience kind of new teacher. So far she barely talks to Jon and hasn't done much to help with scheduling, so it'll be a bit interesting for Jon's main school.

Other than meeting some new teachers and saying hello to all of our old students it's been a really low key week. It's been rainy, cloudy, and overcast. And quite honestly I'm ready for some sun! We have been able to keep up a good work out schedule which has been good for both of us. I've been training for a half-marathon, that I made up and am hosting out here on the islands, and Jon has started the p90x and! I did one work-out with him and i was sore for the next few days. I'm so proud of him for really pushing through and workin' it!

Tomorrow I'll fill you in on my lovely adventures at the physical therapist... it's been a treat to say the least.

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Anje said...

Even *thinking* about 90X makes me cringe. Go go go Jon, all my support & encouragement on that adventure of physicality.

Hope you're well, Sara dear. It's so great to be able to live vicariously through you & your experiences. I was only in China for 5 weeks (visiting Karl, who taught English to college kids), and the time in the classrooms was pretty intense. I always kind of regret I didn't do it myself when I had the chance.