Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pogs: The Comeback

First off, thanks to those who commented :) Even if it wasn't biological family, I've been close to all of you (some more than others and different points in life) but you know enough about me that you are most assuredly considered family... so thank for the comments. It just makes me feel more connected to home, I can't really explain why, it just does!

Any who, the name of the post... POGS!!! These things were EVERYWHERE when I was in grade school. And they are making their way back in Korea land. I caught like 6 students with bulging bags of POGS, I couldn't believe it!

I'm sorry but how absolutely fantastic is this picture!? Are they trying to show how multi-cultural pogs are? That they can bring the kids of the world together? That World peace would somehow be achieved with POGS? because that's the vibe I'm getting. Who needs nuclear weapons... all the world leaders just need to challenge each other to a game of POGS, whoever wins... rules the world. Simple.
I remember everyone having these things, except for me. I believe POGS were a little too frivolous for this single mom family. But I DO remember going to my friend Michelle Zander's house almost everyday after school to play. She had millions of these things and she would beat the pants off of me everytime we played.

I have to wonder if they made their way to Korea a long time ago and this is just a fad coming back, or if they are just hitting here... 15 years later. And will they ever come back Stateside? I sure hope so... because why wouldn't I want to spend a bunch of money on cardboard circles for my kids?

Did any of you have POGS? What was your favorite design? And more importantly were you any good?


Randi said...

omg! lol i loved pogs too! i had tons and me and my friends would trade different ones. certain designs were more prized than others lol i think i was pretty good! i don't actually remember playing so much as collecting the pogs lol

Laura said...

My pog memories are of 3rd grade at Lowell. I don't remember playing too much but I remember that I had a smallish collection [maybe 1.5 inch stack, or 2 inches], some with skulls on them [????] and then others had HUGE stacks. Maybe it was Drew Bylander who had tons? I forget. But I had like one 'slammer' too. Ohhhh, what a blast from the past!

The Stainbrooks said...

i think you're right Laura! It was 3rd grade at Lowell, and Drew Bylander did have the most....good memory!