Monday, April 5, 2010

OH Happy Day!

Saturday was a fabulous day,  the sun was shining, we had friends coming, and I got a little call from my school saying a package had arrived.  For most of you a package would be old news, run of the mill, not a big deal. For those of us living abroad, a care package from home is like your birthday, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, and any other fantastic day all wrapped into one!  I never understood the importance of packages, cards, letter, etc. from home until we lived abroad. It makes you feel connected, like someone cares, and of course there is usually candy/food you've been missing out on and craving :)

I made Jon immediately drop what he was doing and drive up to my school to bring our little bundle of joy home so we could rip into its contents and see what my mother had so lovingly sent.

Ahhhh...isn't it a pretty little thing?

 Good 'ole U.S of A postal service :) It's bloody expensive is what it really is, but never the less, I'm always excited to see this box.

Get out the Leatherman Jon, it's time to rip that baby open!

 AHHHHHHHH * insert choir of angels voices* HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!

What's that I see? Is it thin mints? and I didn't even ask for them to be sent!? My mom ROCKS! She knows what's up, and she knows her daughter LOVES Thin Mints. Seriously, go buy yourself a box, put them in the freezer and enjoy them with milk.... often. These though, they'll be rationed. I think I made my one box last like 2.5 months last year. Which is a LOOOOOOONG time.... in the states they usually last a week... tops. But being out of the country makes you appreciate these things more.

Our lovely little pile of deliciousness. Pudding, Easter candy, spices, steel cut oats, butterfingers, dressing, cheese packets for mac n cheese, the beloved Thin Mints, and my new, sweet camelback water bottle.

Living abroad has taught me to to appreciate the smaller things in life... especially when you can't find those smaller things ANYWHERE in the country you are living.

So, Mom, Thanks.... you are the best! We love you, and ALWAYS appreciate these  lovely and delicious care packages :)


Anonymous said...

Sara and Jon....I am so glad that we made your day, week and month. So much joy from boxed foods made me cry. Yes, you are so right...we take so much for granted. The G.S. cookies were ordered with you in mind! Your blog is such a blessing and testimony...thank you for sharing your hearts and faith. Love you and miss you both mom

Melissa said...

Love the pictures you have been posting...looks like you are figuring ps out a little bit?! Also, I totally know what you mean about getting packages! I STILL get really excited about receiving surprises in the mail :) I miss you, and am praying for you tonight. Love you