Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yes I know that "Rainism" isn't an actual word, but Koreans don't. And if you have no clue what I'm talking about (which I'm sure the majority of you don't) go HERE! Just one more reason Korean students aren't learning proper English.

But the song isn't the reason for the post. Lately we've been getting a decent amount of rain out on the islands, and I've been whining about, complaining about having to run in it, and cursing the fact that it hasn't been warmer. I've been a peach to be around ;) But... today it all changed, because I was able to take some pretty great shots ( I say in the most humble way).


For those of you that know me well, you know that it took an incredible amount of will power to stick it out and get a shot of this guy. I am TERRIFIED of bees... and for good reason, but that's another story for another time. But I'm so glad I stuck it out... because I'm in love with this bee and his wings.

All of these shots are straight out of the camera (which means no photoshop) and I'm thinking some of them will decorate our future home one day. I just really love how fragile the drops of water are clinging to the plants. There is something so delicate and divine about them.

Even though I look forward to sunny days much more, there is something special about rainy days. Everything gets washed clean, it's revitalized and refreshed. Some of my happiest moments have taken place in the rain. Realizing for the first time I really like Jonathan was in canal park,  while it was raining. We were engaged in the rain, and it rained during our wedding ceremony. It always holds a special place with me, and as much as I gripe about it... I really do love running out in the rain ( at least when there aren't 53mph winds whipping it in my face).

This weekend Jon and I will be two very busy bees. We'll head to Gwangju (a large city about 1.5 hours from us), for our first South Korean wedding! And then it'll be up to Seoul for the 10k! I'm sure I'll be posting as soon as we get back, sharing all the wonderful, great, and some panic attack moments!

Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy life... it's to short not too!


Kayla said...

Good luck on your race! I hope the weather holds up for you while you're running it! I remember some of down pours there, I felt like we were getting buckets of water dumped on us!

Laura said...

Sara - I LOVE THOSE SHOTS! Isn't it kind of liberating to post photos SOOC? I think that means we are getting good. ;) That's your macro lens, I'm assuming? Is it a zoom macro or is it fixed? The lens I have for my Nikon is a 50mm f/1.4 which is not a macro lens, so I have to stay over a foot away from the subject. That's really been frustrating to me this spring because I want those little leaf buds to FILL the frame. Needless to say, a true macro is on my list. I'd love to hear the specs of your lens, what mm it is and f/ range etc.

Laura said...

Oh, and I totally forgot to write about the bee. That is why I was wondering if you had a zoom because I too am TERRIFIED of bees, and the only what in heck I'd be able to get a picture that up close and personal with a bee is if I had a zoom macro so I could be AT LEAST 3 feet away. I'm picturing you with your face about 4 inches from his butt and I'm about ready to run around the house screaming. Eeeek!

Angie said...

Hi Sara, I love your new pictures of the rain drops, the bee, and your new flower pic at the top of your blog! very cool pics! Have fun at the wedding and good luck running your 10K, you will do great ; ) I'm proud of you!