Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Few Things

1. I'm a nerd. I get excited about really small insignificant things. And I'm ok with that. This weekend I"m running a 10k in Seoul. It's my first official race... EVER (well if you don't count those hundreds of races during Jr. High when I was in Cross Country) Sooooo in the mail I got this little treasure! Needless to say I was pretty pumped.
My race day packet :)

I got an adidas athletic shirt, duffel bag, coupon for adidas store, time chip, running bib, and some pamphlets in Korean :)

Lovin' the back of this shirt!

2. I am almost done with training phase 1 of p90x... and still have days where I wonder what in the world I'm doing.

3. I can work myself into a panic attack pretty quick, and today I had about 5 mini ones. I've been reading these fitness magazines, and I am no worried that I have really weak bones that are growing to break every two seconds, and that I'm way overtraining and will start to let exercise take over my life. Do I know that none of this is true.... yes. Does that matter in my non- logical mind?

4. You probably think I have hypochondria now... I don't... I promise, although I was reading about how women are less likely to go in and get checked out if they think something is wrong. Maybe I should go in, just to ease my troubled, panic attacked mind. On the other hand... maybe all I need is some anxiety meds...

5. Speaking of panic attacks I decided to have one before my 8 mile run on Sunday. I had Jon drive me 8 miles from our home so that I'd have new running terrain. While he was driving I was freaking out about: not finishing, having to walk, getting run over, falling down in the ditch and getting bitten by a snake, and dying. What ended up happening is I had a fantastic run, finished right before the rain, and *too much info moment* peed in a ditch undetected... I felt so sneaky...

6. One of my 3rd grade students from last year wrote all of the teachers an email telling them how much they missed them, etc... to me he wrote (in english) Sara, I have missed you Sara. I love you Sara. I will never forget you.   Kind of odd, but still at the same time.... so sweet :)

7. Last week Jon gouged his hand with a knife, he now has two stitches and is acting like his life is over. I have found myself thankful that it is I who will be birthing children.... because if it was the other way around those poor babies would never get out. I think we've realized who has the higher pain tolerance, and who just likes to milk his injuries for all they're worth ;) (love you honey... and you know I jest)

8. I love Spring, and it is takin' it's own sweet time getting to Korea... I've cursed the weather numerous times during the past few weeks. But last week and even yesterday we had a few sunny days... so I got some lovely (you guessed it) flower shots!

9. Tomorrow we have a school picnic, get ready for quite a few photos and possibly videos of some crazy Korean students

10. I'm sure you're wondering why you've been reading all these random thoughts for this long, and I can't really tell you why. Maybe you like me, Maybe you pity me and my hypochondriac ways, maybe you're interested in Korea (of which this specific blog had nothing to do with), or maybe you're just bored and now thankful that you are very normal in me.

11. Have a great day and stay tuned for more "Korea related" posts in the future. I promise these random ramblings will only show up once in a blue moon.

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