Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love Engrish!

 So a few months ago I talked about our evening with Ahra and Mr. Cho. Ahra is an English teacher, so she has it down. But Mr. Cho needs a little help, so he's been studying from this book. 

Apparently if you study it every day for 30 days you will have the speaking capabilities of a kindergardener.  Reading through this book was HILARIOUS. And reading through all the pictures is more than worth it, I promise. Seriously... you have to read to the end because they get better, and better, and better. Trust me!

This is what the book looks like inside. One side is English and then the Korean translation is on the next page.

My favorite line is the bottom one... sorry for the blurriness. But seriously how often are you going to use the phrase " I can't fight with Superman"  !?

How sad is it that "Please give me a Big Mac set" is in this book... because truly that's all us Americans really know how to say :)

This one is the start of the "farting lines" Once they got an idea for sentences they just kind of ran with it.

But then after "Let's Fart!" someone got in trouble and is now making up for it by making (I'm sure) false promises...

How many people actually ask if they can have dinner in the toilet?
And the 5th and 6th line down are in a long line of Marriage and Love related themes.

Who doesn't marry someone because they are too kind!? 
" Ya know, I really like you, but you're just too nice to me. If you could treat me a little crappier... well then I'd consider marriage..."

This person can't decide if their significant other should "Take off your clothes!" Or maybe after they saw them naked it was too much... hence the "Put on your clothes!" 
I don't know about you... but that could get awkward... real quick.

Ahhhhh and my favorite series... the fat series. When I move back I'm just going to start asking people "Why are you fat?" 

And second... if you can't tell if someone is a boy (the first line) maybe you don't want to draw attention to their cross gender ways with that lovely question.

"I was a boy"..... ummmmm what exactly are you now?
Men... take note. I don't recommend saying any of the following about your significant other
"She was fat and ugly."- Just doesn't breed good feelings
"She was a lovely girl when she was young."- what but now that she's aged she ugly? very nice.
"My girlfriend was beautiful".... I think you get my point.

And although a lovely sentiment is there... I don't think "She is fat but I love her" is the best way to express your feelings.

Husbands... same goes for you
"My wife was beautiful when she was young." ummmm you're probably going to be in the doghouse... for a while. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And here we have the amazing "dialogue" section.... I just read it and I laugh... seriously 
How many kindergardeners are having this conversation!?

And if all of these fantastic phrases haven't worked for you... just burn the book.

 This book is fantastic on so many levels, and yes, I am buying one. Because we run into random conversations and phrases like this all the time. 

What's your favorite phrase from the book?


Laura said...

That is hilarious!!

Kalie VanVickle said...

I love in the second to last picture "Yes. Her boobs are huge." Oh Korea..

Anonymous said...

I'll bring DY

You bring DX and we'll divide it among ourselves


(look it up)


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