Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for a Sandwich

After the cookie baking extravaganza of a few weeks ago, I decided to run with the whole recipe idea. I had all of the students pick their favorite foods, then write out the ingredients, and directions on how to make it. All in English. They complained, they cried "Teacher Sara, I don't know English." And I said, really sympathetically... "There are some dictionaries behind you... use them." And they did.  Once they figured out the words, they actually really enjoyed writing out their recipes and figuring out the directions and how detailed everything needed to be. So every other week, we will now be making one of the recipes from the students. The only one we won't be making is the roast beef... little difficult to fit in to a 45 minute class period.

But today was Sophia's day, she wanted sandwiches. She gave us all an ingredient to bring in and I brought in all the utensils, and then it was time.

* The pictures are taken with the school camera, because in all of my rushing this morning I forgot ours... so the pictures are a bit odd. because I have no clue how to use that camera.. at all*

The fry pan we used for the eggs. Yes I did bring it in with a mini hot plate, yes I did let my 11-13 year olds use it, and no that probably wouldn't happen in the states. But Heck I'm in Korea! Anything goes!

This is the "lunch meat" ham. I use air quotes because this ham comes in a block form, it has to be sliced, it looks nothing like ham, and doesn't really taste much like it either. This is the stuff my nightmares are made of... ahhh how I miss nice deli meats... but I digress.
On with the sandwiches!

Eggs and ham

I did let my 11 year old student use the large knife, but in my defense it is probably better him than me. If you've known me longer than a week, you'll know that knives and I don't necessarily see eye to eye. I have the scar of a severed pinkie to prove it.

My sandwich. Not half bad, not all that fabulous either. But the kids had a lot of fun, they are learning English words for different foods, and it gives me a chance to talk with them in a more casual manner, which is really my favorite part.

Now if you'd all just send some proper lunch meat my way I'd be eternally grateful....


Anonymous said...

Hey what a great idea! I am sure the kids really enjoyed the food plus learned a lot from the lesson. You are such a smart youngh lady!
Momma Stainbrook

Joelle and Mitch said...

Would that pinkie scar happen to be from the Kavanaugh Knife incident of 2003ish? I remember that day vividly...Oh the blood...and the waiting...and the panic...