Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School Picnic Day!

Last Thursday the four middle schools on the islands had their picnic! It was supposed to be outside, but because of the bloody rain, it was in Amtae (Jon's) Gym. A picnic is kind of like what a field trip would be to us, and and the same time it isn't really the same... at all.

First off the kids are just expected to show up on their own. There are no school buses, parent chaperones, or permission slips.

This post is full of pictures and videos,  ok I can't find the place to upload videos!!!! NOT OK! They were so great! ugh... hopefully I'll find another way.

All the students in rows listening to directions for the day.  This is all 4 schools together... about 175 tops. 

Some of Jon's students

Some of my girls! Once they saw Jon it was "Oh so handsome! Love you! Love you!"
yes my husband is studly :)

The two "announcers" I'm not sure what she's doing... but her pants were tiiiiiiight.

Some of my first grade girls :)

This was so ridiculous! These two girls were dancing and the three in the background were "singing"... and when I say singing I mean they were putting their hands in front of their mouths for half of it... and being embarrassed and just ridiculous!

Some students and teachers thoroughly enjoying themselves!

The guy up above in green is our gym teacher and everyone was shocked when the boy below was going to sing! He only studies and nobody knew he had it in him to sing... so the gym teacher slapped his butt on the way up to the stage... would that ever fly in the U.S.?

Some more girls showing off their skills

This guy was ridiculous. Who shows up in a 3 piece suit!? He was carrying his wallet and phone around acting really important. It was pretty funny. We later found out that he's one of the biggest trouble makers at his school... perfect.

After the talent shows we had lunch (which is it's own post) and then we were done for the day! woo hoo!

Overall it's a fun day because the students are so excited and it's a nice break for the teachers too!

What was your favorite school field trip as a kid?

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