Thursday, April 29, 2010

School Picnic: The Food

Yesterday was all about the festivities of the school picnic. Today we'll take a little gander at the food side of things. This isn't your bring a sack lunch with a sandwich and cookie type of deal... this is bring, kimchi and kimbap if your a student, and if you're a teacher you get this....
Yes, the parent's association set all of this up! Burners, millions of side dishes, drinks, bulgogi dish (beef dish... delish!) It was pretty impressive.

But then they decided to add this:

Why yes, that is live squid, and you can see that it is trying to escape the pan.... it threw it's tentacle over the edge.... *shudder*

And just when I thought our dish was safe... they threw two guys in. One was strangling the leaf with it's tentacles... I did take a video which is slightly horrific seeing an animal being boiled in front of you while it writhes around. But of course I can' figure out anymore how to put up videos. so you've been spared.

Little Fish anyone? Yes they have their heads, eyes, mouth etc. Yes, they are  chock full of calcium... so eat up!

Kimbap... which is poor man's sushi. It's actually not bad and the one thing I will eat.

Raw Beef... anyone....anyone.....anyone? Ummm... no thanks, I'd prefer not to spend the rest of the evening sick.

What would a school picnic lunch be without beer?

Joanne and i enjoying the festivities!

Dig In and Enjoy!


Laura said...

Um, I don't know how you don't starve to death there. I think I would. See, I'm not very adventurous with food, i.e. - I'm really picky. I know, I'm close minded but I can't help it. I get grossed out easily. I would be eating crackers and trying to find a McDonalds, I think.

For adding videos, is there not a little video tab next to the place that you click to add photos? Did you change your settings to the new one that Rita wrote a post about? Mine is still the old way and I have a video-add icon right next to the add a photo icon. Hmmm...

Kayla said...

So gross!!! Ewwww!!!!! I know there is a way to add video, I did it back in the day, but I had the old set up I think...