Thursday, April 15, 2010

The cookies that broke my sugar-free back

 Let's just say, last night, I hit a little snag in my "sugar-free" two weeks. And I'm blaming it on my lovely neighbor :)
 Look at that smile... it's like she knows what she's up too...
For the past couple days I have been uber vigilant about my sugar. I have only had brown sugar in my steel cut oats, and have been craving them like crazy after every meal. BUT I've held off with the help of Sweet Mint Gum and sheer will- power.  I've been really aware of certain times that I'm really craving sweets and I've fully realized that a lot of times I'm not hungry... It's complete habit. Pavlov's dogs anyone!? (wow if that wasn't a hit at my psychology background I don't know what is)

Anyway, yesterday Jon and I got done with school early so we got home, worked out, and then I was on a baking mission.  I made some Banana bread, some yummy butter-free muffins

And some delicious pumpkin bread 

Amanda gave me the recipe for the pumpkin bread and I wasn't sure how much it made so I quickly ran over there to ask, and to double check about our plan for babysitting these two adorable boys later that evening...


(Yes they really are that cute, and yes it does make me want children... NOW. Although just getting to babysit them eases the ache a little....)

But I digress...
    So I ran over there and Amanda filled me in and then said these deadly words " Oh I just made some cookies! Do you guys want some? They're white chocolate and craisin!"
Me (not even thinking twice) : Sure! (seriously, who's going to pass up free cookies?)

So she handed me these lovely delicacies...

And I wasn't even two steps out of the door and I start munching on one. Thinking of how they compare to my very similar scones, how good they taste... yada yada yada.

I get into the house and tell Jon about them, and he responds "Wow these are great cookies!"

And then it hit me... "Cookies.. cookies.... COOKIES! Jon I'm not supposed to have cookies! This is totally breaking the rules!" I didn't even think about it, it didn't even hit me until that moment what I'd been so happily shoving in my face. *Sigh* So that was my fall off the bandwagon moment, and I'm happy to say I'm back on it.  

But as soon as this two weeks is over.... you can bet I'm making these cookies!

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Laura said...

YUM!!! You should post this recipe too! I'll send you a fb msg about those standout mounts - keep an eye out!!