Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wedding

Most weddings are a unique expression of the couple that is getting married. There are always little special touches, that really show who the couple is. You could get married in a church, outside, banquet hall, or maybe in a court house.  You may go totally casual with a beach theme or be extremely formal with a ball and fancy meal.  And for the most part... your day is your own. You aren't sharing with 30 other brides... it's all about you!

In a Korean wedding... this couldn't be further from the truth. Most couples (i.e. 95% of them) get married in a wedding hall. A wedding hall can be 30 stories (like the one we were at) and each floor can house about two weddings. And the wedding is a whopping 20 minutes long... and then it's time for the next couple to get married. Then either before or after the wedding you all head down to a huge banquet hall where hundreds of others are also eating after or before their wedding.  It's a bit of an experience... so now I'll take you through the day in pictures! There's lots... get ready.

Here is the lovely bride :) sitting in her own private room attached to the main hall just waiting for people to come in and take pictures with her. Where is the groom you ask? He's outside mingling.  Yoon Jeong was BEAUTIFUL seriously looked like a princess :) But honestly this whole sitting there like a queen waiting for people to come in and take pictures, would've driven me nuts!

The main hall with ALL of the guests. You can see in the background the actually wedding hall for the ceremony.

The wedding has begun... most everyone shuffles in, although there are maybe 80 seats for 200 guests. For those of you who watch Gilmore Girls you know why we were running in to get seats! "only 52 seats and 62 koreans!"

Here are the mothers of the bride and groom walking down the aisle... and the woman bowing on the side is like an attendant of sorts?

And hey... did anyone see the videographer or photographer!? Oh yea... they are right in your face.

I'm sorry but how cool is this... what guy wouldn't want to walk in with swords raised above his head?

Ahhh the subtlety of the media, how's that for romantic?

Also, keep in mind that during this entire ceremony people are in the background talking. And not quietly. It's not the hush and quiet of a western wedding. It's noisy, loud, and yes cellphones were being answered.

This chick,  was the official "primper" She was ALWAYS out there fixing Yoon Jeong, always fixing her dress, fixing her hair, etc. I would've decked her. So annoying!

And then there is the husband prostrating himself before everyone... he also did this when they bowed to both sets of parents.

And then he proceeded to give his mother-in-law a piggy back ride... ummmmm what!?
I'm pretty sure you missed out mom!

He then proceeded to pick up yoon jeong and do about 10 squats, proving his strength?? I don't know.

STREAMERS! This was about 2 seconds after she shot them out of a trumpet making me freak out and scream... clearly I blend in well.

Ahh what a nice photo of them with their pastor, father, uncle, close friend, principal. Yes... this is the school principal, and he "officiated" the ENTIRE service... is that even legal? And who doesn't want their first photo as a married couple with their boss?

There is "primper" lady back on the scene... mopping up sweat.

Both sides of the family.

And a picture with the friends! This I thought was a pretty neat idea. Just grab all the friends and grab a photo! Can you spot the two whities in the group?

Tossing the bouquet and boutonniere.. no garters here. 

And that's it!

It really was quite the interesting experience. One I know I'll never forget!

It really made me thankful for how personal our wedding was! What was your favorite part of your wedding??  I know mine was the dance :)

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Kalie VanVickle said...

Her dress...ohh how beautiful!! I really loved the Gilmore Girls reference. I just watched an episode with one of the weddings at the Kim residence "she turned on him with a carrot peeler!" (not sure if you remember that one or not, it's classic haha.