Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lovely Daffodils

I'm not positive if this was common in many public schools, but I can remember growing up in school and EVERY Spring there were daffodils to buy. You could buy a daffodil for like .25 cents each. After they made the announcement in school I would go home and scrounge up as much change as I could find. Which, when you're in elementary school isn't all that much. But I remember being to scrounge up at least a few dollars and I would proudly bring that money in, and buy a bundle of daffodils. I then proceeded to present them to my Mom, thinking I was the best kid a mother could ask for. I rocked. 

Sooooooo, when I saw these beauties along the road while I was running I started to remember all of those lovely little bundles of daffodils and my mom. Mom... if I could, I'd be picking a large bundle of these to give you... unfortunately pictures will have to do:)

Just starting to peek out~

In all of it's golden glory

Here's your bundle Mom!

So fresh and springy!

And now to the daily exercise update:
Running... *ahem* the wind is a vindictive, destructive force that I cannot stand! It is out to get me... and I wish I were joking.  Apparently the past two runs without any wind, made the wind anxious to get back at me... with 53 MPH WINDS!!!!! The ferries were cancelled because of the winds. And it wasn't just in one direction, the wind was coming from everywhere! My only peace was the last .7 back to the house. Despite it's vindictive nature and it's pledge to kill me I was able to overcome.
Miles- 4.5
Pace- 9:24  (not as fabulous as my 8:51 last thursday, but it'll do)
Days until 10k- 12

P90X...I am sore... but improving! Yesterday I started the 3rd week. I am proud to say that in two weeks, I've successfully upped my pull ups by 21 and my push ups by 33! woo hoo!

Alright now that that's over with...

Does anyone else remember these daffodils in school? 
Am I the only one??

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful bouquet of daffodils
sari...it made my day...love mom