Friday, July 2, 2010

Rice, Rice Baby

I like rice as much as the next person. At least I used too. After the last two years of eating it every single day for lunch I'm completely sick of rice. I'll still eat brown rice, but white rice tends to make me gag.  It is, however; interesting how from our front door we can see the rice going from field to bowl right before our very eyes.

Here you can see the field kind of half way done. And the field next to it is completely down.

The rice begins in trays.  Here are some empty ones that were cast off to the side.

Little rice plants getting ready to be implanted.

The wheel type things on the bottom *I believe* poke a little hole and then they rotate the rice plants into the field and that's that!  I have to admit it'd be kind of sweet to see them doing it by hand, but I can't imagine how labor intensive that would be.

The field is finished!

Pretty little rows

As much fun as it is to see all the planting and realize how much work it takes to get all this rice on to a table, it's really difficult to watch them spraying pesticide after pesticide on the rice. It'd be so easy for them to grow it organically with no toxins or poison on the rice, but they don't and it's a shame. But it's still fun to see the process, and something we'd definitely NEVER see if we were still in the states. Just one more perk to living the life in Korea :)

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