Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's been hot here in Korea land.

I mean reeeeeeaaaaallllllly hot.

Like, I have the AC on, a fan blowing, and all I'm doing is typing on my computer yet I'm sweating

Now that the rainy season is pretty much over, the humidity has set in and let me tell you... it's a treat.

Despite the heat Jon and I have still been trying get our workouts in and this week it has been a bit of a struggle. Jon was biking to and from school (one of those bike rides at 12), then we were heading to the gym and playing with my students for an hour...and then coming home to do p90X or and Insanity workout. Talk about some serious sweating.

yes... this is after 2 games of badminton and some jumping rope in the gym. And it gets worse.

and yes... it does get worse than this.

I didn't realize until I sat down on the gym floor just how sweaty I was. My legs were slick... like just taken a shower slick. The students gathered and were beyond confused. They had all been spraying water on each other... and yet I (who had, had NO water sprayed on her) was wetter than the students.

It was slightly uncomfortable. I wish I was lying, but the students were actually touching my legs and hair feeling the sweat, trying to figure out how someone could possibly expel that much water from their body. And just be thankful I didn't take a picture of my head. It literally looked like I came out of the shower.  My students were fascinated with my copious amounts of sweat. 
I'm cool like that.

Now I handle heat pretty well, and it hasn't really effected me in quite the same way... but as for Jon...

This was him "getting ready" for P90X....

Attractive honey... attractive :)

He also managed to get heat exhaustion and has spent the last 3 days taking cold showers, feeling dizzy, having major headaches, muscle fatigue, and has not been able to function at a normal level.

Honestly as much as I enjoy the heat and the sun, I'd be ok with a little rain for a day. It is bloody hot here and I don't think my husband can take much more of it :)


Anonymous said...

I always draw the conclusion that if you sweat when working out- it's a really good workout. So, way to go there! I feel inspired in a strange way.. Oh, and I love that someone else uses the word "bloody". :)

The Stainbrooks said...

haha Liz I am forever getting in touch with my non-british ways and saying bloody :) good to know you do it too!!!! and yes... i must be having the most incredible workouts ever because I couldn't stop sweating if I wanted too :)