Thursday, July 22, 2010

What might have been

Around a year ago,  we came out to the islands to see possible locations for where they might be building our houses. We were pretty excited to finally see where we'd be living for a year and we were getting ready to move all of our stuff out.

So imagine our surprise when we wind up in the middle of nowhere at an abandoned elementary school that had been closed for a few years. The great part is they didn't want to show us the location beforehand... and then we saw why. NO ONE in their right mind would live here.

Quite honestly it was the scariest place in Korea I've ever been.  And it was quickly demanded that another location be chosen... you'll see why.

Jon and I decided to revisit this little site and see if anything has changed, and although we didn't think it possible, it has gotten even creepier.

Our convo while looking around:

Jon: I feel like I'm just waiting to see a dead body lying around somewhere.

Sara: I'm pretty sure someone is going to jump out of one of these places and kill us.

It truly is one of the most unsettling places I've ever walked around.

because who wouldn't want to live here??

Some lovely broken glass for Eoghan and Ethan to play in :)

Look at all that mold!!! They were going to "re-wall paper" ...ummmm that doesn't get rid of the mold.
That and Amanda was pregnant, Eoghan is 1, there would be a new baby, and Jon is allergic to mold. Somehow I think it might've been a death trap health concern.

And I'm still trying to figure out what all of those spiky things sticking out of the buildings are.

Ahhhh Home Sweet Home.

And look at that view!!! What a FABULOUS  yard for Eoghan to play in. It's like his own corn maze. Especially considering these weeds were over my head. 

Needless to say, you can see our absolute refusal  worries and doubts about this as a possible place to live.
And because we put up enough of a fuss, they listened.

And we thank God for that everyday we are in our cute little house :)

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Kayla said...

Wow! That place is awful! I can't believe they wanted you to live there! Well, wait, actually i can, sometimes Koreans seem to have messed up ideas:) Josh and I stayed up late last night just talking about memories from Korea and if it really was the best decision that we left when we did. Anyway, we decided (again) that it was because the teachers that stayed got royally screwed over, more so then what they were already doing to us.