Sunday, July 11, 2010

A confession

Although when the whole "craze" started I thought it was ridiculous.

Then due to my lack of English book availability at a store in Korea I bought the series willing to give it a try.

I then read the series in a 24 hour period.

Have re-read it, twice.

Seen all the movies, and gotten upset at how they clearly mess everything about the book up.

And find myself being *ahem* Team Edward... all the way.

That's right folks... Twilight. I am a 24 year old who loves enjoys twilight. Do I feel slightly ridiculous being grouped with a bunch of lustful teenage girls? yes. Do I feel a little embarrassed when I admit that to people? yes. But I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!

All of us our allowed our easy read, get lost in a fantasy world, make believe mythical creatures exist, book series, right? Well this is mine.

This past week the new movie Eclipse came out in the theaters in Korea land and some girls and I hit up the movie last night.

It was extremely entertaining (more-so for the company sitting next to me... you know who you are :) ), action packed, some romance, and of course vampires and werewolves. However.... I am a firm believer that books are always better.... and after seeing this I hold true to that. I feel like so many great moments lines,  explanations, and emotions are left out. And that bothers the heck out of me!!!

I know, I know... They can only fit so much in from the book and I get that. But as I read I make my own scenery and act it out in my mind the way it should be, and then these Hollywood people just mess it all up!

But if you are looking for something entertaining to watch and you don't mind vampires and werewolves I would definitely say go for it.... but then do yourself a favor and read the books. If you like an easy read, keeps you entertained, and you don't mind letting your imagination roam then...

 join in the madness :)


Brian said...

Imagine being one of the perhaps 10 males at the midnight showing.

And then imagine that I was probably the only one there because I enjoyed the books and not because my wife or girlfriend dragged me there.

What have I become?!?

The Stainbrooks said...

Oh Brian I love you :) haha and don't worry Jon goes to the movies with me too... and I don't necessarily have to drag him there... although he still won't read the books.

Amanda said...


I finished all the books now, thanks for making be obsessed I haven't cleaned my house for days (slow reader, can't do it all in 24 hours!). Anywho all I have to say is when the next movie comes out I will fly to Colorado if I have to so I can watch it with you! Even though I won't remember a darn thing from the movie from laughing so hard during it!

The Stainbrooks said...

haha Amanda... I suppose if I had two children to take care of I doubt I would've finished them so quickly. And that better be a promise of coming out to CO... I seriously don't think Jon will be half as much fun to watch them with from now on. MYTHICAL CREATURE WHORE!!! love it!

The Browns said...

oh don't worry sara! I am a closet twilighter myself. However my husband hates it and I still have not been able to go see the new movie! But sorry for him, I will just buy the dang thing when it comes out and he will have to suffer through it at home with me! hahahhaa

Angie said...

Sara! I feel the same way you do about reading a book then watching a movie! We watched the Twilight movie first (Jared wanted to see it actually, I thought it would be silly... but we both loved it!), then I read the book, I couldn't put it down! ... you are right, the book is better : ) I still need to see the eclipse movie!