Friday, July 23, 2010

The School

So yesterday I talked about the creepiest place ever and how they wanted us to live at an abandoned school.

Here is said abandoned school. The creepiest part is that the school has only been shut down for like 3 years... and it has really gone downhill.

Well hello there headless statue... oh, wait two headless statues. A man and a boy,  creeptastick.

A mini- fire pit. Apparently someone is taking shelter in one of the abandoned classrooms. I thoroughly enjoy that there is still writing on the blackboard.

Come and learn here students!!!! Dig through some filthy trash!

Walkin' on , Walkin' on broken glaaaasssss.  If you know the song I'm singing you get 20 high fives.
If you don't you should probably be questioning your existance...and taste in music (or my taste in music)

I think this was actually the weirdest part. This room still had all of it's decorations up.
Pictures drawn by the students, things hanging from the ceiling.

It was like nothing had been touched, in years. So odd.

Then I spotted this guy in the bushes... Did you know snakes can live in bushes?

And there you have it, and abandoned school building in the middle of nowhere, that they wanted us to live feet away from.

Can you say great set-up for a horror film??

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