Monday, July 5, 2010


In lieu of Monday's Meditations I'm sharing just why I LOVE Fourth of July. My favorite part would be the Fireworks and sparklers!!! We had SO much fun with these the other night :)

Strobe light fireworks anyone??

Since I absolutely LOVE this shot from this weekend, I'm going to try and submit it to a fun site for Sweet Shot Tuesday!

Sweet Shot Day

It's like we had our own fog machine

Then we got patriotic

And we decided to help represent the Canadians in the group

And it didn't go over so well...

Then we Harry Potter'd it up with our wands :)

I have no idea what spell Jon is casting, but it sure looks sweet!

What was your favorite part of the fourth of July this year?


Audrey @ said...

WOW I love every photo! they are amazing!

Sue said...

OK...those are the coolest sparkler photos EVER!!! :)

Laura said...

Love that shot, Sara! It does look like Star Wars or something!

amy lou said...

These are so fun! I love them all!

Danelle said...

These are such cool photos. And since my husband is Canadian, I had to laugh at that part!

Susan said...

Those are so cool. I love the USA shot. How did you do that? We still have sparklers so I may want to try it.