Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday's Meditation: In the Moment

If you couldn't tell I enjoy taking photos. Lot's of them. I MUST document any moment that is presenting itself. Whether it's a gathering of friends, the cute little boys next store, food, flowers, or a random bug.  Any  moment is worth that photograph.

But, I've been wondering lately whether or not though I'm actually living in that moment or just documenting it.

Last night Jon, Ian, Eoghan, and I were out for a bike ride. A storm had just passed through and the clouds were finally breaking way to a brilliant blue sky. It was around 7 at night and the lighting was just gorgeous. We were biking through tons of rice paddy fields and I could feel myself frantically wondering why in the heck I didn't have the camera with!?

I ask myself this question... a lot. And honestly I have to wonder how many times am I only focusing on my lack of camera instead taking in the scenery and just enjoying that specific moment?

As much as I love photos and really love capturing those moments that I want to remember, I'm going to commit myself to just letting the camera stay at home a little more often and living fully in the moment instead of wondering what the best lighting and angle would be.

I find myself doing this not only with photography, but life in general. I'm so looking forward to everything that's coming that I often forget to live life in the present and take in all that is around me. Jon and I have been really focusing on livin' it up the last few weeks we have here, because in all honesty who knows when we'll be back in Korea land.

That's the goal and the challenge for the rest of our time here, and life in general. I encourage you to just stop, take a look around, and relax. Fully absorb what's going on here and now. It's tough at times, and life gets ahead of us, but I think it's totally worth it in the end.

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