Thursday, June 10, 2010


As if I haven't mentioned it enough, Jon and I've been doing the P90X program. As a matter of fact Jon has only 3 days left until he is officially finished!!! Woo hoo!!!

As part of the program there is a Yoga day. And I have ALWAYS hated it. It's 90 minutes of horror.  The first 45 are solid sun salutations, upward dogs, downward dogs, vinyasa's....etc. And it sucks.  I've kind of always avoided this day and just done the stretching video.

I only wish I looked this calm and cool during yoga...I'd be tipped over on the floor.

Now for a little disclaimer... I actually don't usually hate Yoga. I actually took my first Yoga class in Korea. Now you'd think learning a sport in a different language would be hard... and it is. But Yoga is a series of sometimes complicated positions and learning it in Korean was a bit of a treat.  I'm sure I did the majority of it wrong, but I enjoyed being part of a class and the instructor was always super excited that I came :)

And that is exactly why I was sort of surprised that I actually really disliked the Yoga X video. But after reading why it was part of the program and how beneficial yoga really is to your body I decided to give it another go, same instructor but only 45 minutes and a lot faster paced.

Here's Tony... doin' his thing. (He's the P90X guy)

Buuuuuuut, during this 45 minute video Tony said a little something that made me realize why yoga is so dang difficult for me!

"The vast majority of Americans don't like yoga, because they have to be calm in an isometric posture that is uncomfortable. And, that is working on joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It's also working  patience and your breath. It's an atypical exercise, and if there is any society that needs it more in the world it's America just a chance to chill, learn how to chill out and be in the moment and be present and undertake time to breath and understand the physical pain. If you breath and clear your mind you become more open not only phsycically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually."

Nailed it right on the head Tony. I have issues with chilling out, being calm, and being uncomfortable. I'm used to exercise that is fast paced, gets my heart rate going, and I'm mooooooving so pain doesn't last too long. Yoga ...hmmmm I'm still moving, but the pain is there because you are stuck in that position. But the great part is I sweat almost as much with Yoga as I dod anything else. It's tough and really does rely on your strength in more ways than a lot of other exercises. It works EVERYTHING and really does keep you limber.

I seriously need to learn how to do this... sweetness.

And to be honest I really do feel that yoga makes you more aware of your body's limitations and abilities. I've been able to focus more on what my body is feeling like that day and certain areas that are tighter than others. I like being more aware of my body and I like being more "in tune" with what's going on. 

I'm starting to approach yoga days differently now. I'm trying to focus on the many benefits my body will get from it and really trying too look at it in a positive light! And I actually enjoyed my yoga this morning! We're making progress!

Do any of you enjoy yoga??? Why or why not?

(Oh.... and if you want to see some REALLY amazing shots go to my friend Laura's blog  she took some fabulous photos of our other elementary school friend, Haley... who is now a yoga instructor. Seriously amazing shots :) )


Laura said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sara! Isn't it weird how life brings us Lowell-ites back together again??

jessica said...

Hi Sara!

I have been reading your blog off an on for the past couple of months but this post caught my eye. After running my first and only marathon 7 years ago I decided to give up running because my heart wasn't in it anymore. Yoga was something I had learned about in Peace Corps and had the opportunity to explore while living in Morocco again. Ashtanga is the style of yoga I practice and have become obsessed might check it out. It is fast past and focuses on strength, flexibility and mental agility. I have been practicing for 6 years now and love, love, love it! I'd be happy to talk about it more with you if you're intersted.

Good luck and namaste,
Jess (your cousin)